Electromagnetic flowmeter FLONET FN20xx.1 is designed for measurement of flow rates of electrically-conductive liquids in water and waste water systems, food-processing and chemical industries. They meet the most demanding requirements for high measurement accuracy, long-term signal stability and reliability. Bi-directional flow measurement and totalization are a standard feature of this technology.  The meter has no movable mechanical parts and will not affect the hydraulic or pressure drop conditions in the process. The local converter provides a highly visible display with selectable units of measurement. It also includes an internal batching function, empty pipe detection, meter diagnostics and an automatic electrode cleaning function. The meter has a variety of output including frequency, pulse and current outputs, in addition to interfaces to the USB and RS 485 communication lines.

Technical Specifications
nominal diameter / size:

1/4″ to 48″

nominal pressure [bar / psi]:

150, 300, 600 lb ANSI rated flanges (size dependent)

Minimum conductivity of measured liquid:

Down to 5μS/cm

electrode material:

stainless steel 1.4571, Hastelloy-C276 , Platinum-Rhodium, tantalum, titanium

ambient temperature:

23° to 131°F

sensor lining:

soft or hard rubber, Teflon

design version:

integral or remote transmitter

piping connection:

flanged or wafer

max. temperature of measured liquid:

up to 300°F), dependent on liner

measurement accuracy:
EN ISO 4064-1 (OIML R 49)*:


measuring range (VELOCITY):

0.33 to 33 ft/s

empty pipE DETECTION
displayed units:

selectable (l, m , US gal, US bbl)

outputs (insulated):
  • current: 4 to 20mA
  • frequency: 0 to 1,000Hz
  • pulse: 0.001 to 250 gallons per pulse
  • communication line: USB, RS 485
power supply:

24/115/230V ±10%, 50 to 60Hz (AC)

protection class:

IP 67 (IP 68)