Strategic Network

Strategic Network of flow measurement manufacturers

AW-Lake Company offers a strategic network of flow measurement and control solutions. Together with its TASI Flow sister companies, KEM-Kueppers, Vogtlin Instruments, LitreMeter, and SignalFire, AW-Lake’s product line includes a complete line of flow meters, monitors, sensors, computers and controllers. Areas of leadership include offshore and onshore chemical injection, automotive paint metering, flow meters for hydraulic test stands, intrinsically-safe and explosion-proof flow transmitters, sensors and electronics, and wireless flow data transmission.

While AW-Lake’s business and product portfolios have significantly grown over the years, our primary focus is still the same; exceeding customer expectations.  Let us use our technical expertise and real-world pragmatism to respond to your needs today.

  • In-house Engineering capabilities to design and manufacture displays, batch controllers, ratio monitors, and industrial enclosures for specific niche applications.
  • Responsive Customer Service and Application Experts to assist customers in identifying and applying the right technology for their application.
  • Highly Skilled and Agile Design and Manufacturing Teams to develop and deliver customized flow measurement solutions.
  • Technical expertise to repair and calibrate TASI Flow Products.