About Us

Mission Statement:

Our vision is to be a market-focused, customer-centric organization providing world-class,
innovative flow measurement solutions to our customers around the world. We strive to
consistently exceed customer expectations, deliver profit and growth to our stakeholders,
provide an optimistic and challenging work environment for our employees, and be a
valued resource to the communities we serve.


Strong Global Network:

Take advantage of our Global Flow Solution Network with expertise in a diverse lineup of flow measurement technologies:

About AW Gear Meters 

Positive Displacement Gear Meters, Turbine Meters, and Gear Pumps in the United States. www.aw-lake.com

About Lake Monitors

Variable Area Flow Meters, Alarms, Transmitters and Test Analyzers  in the United States. www.aw-lake.com

TRICOR Coriolis logo

Coriolis Mass Flow Meters in Germany and the United States. www.tricorflow.com

About KEM

Gear Meters, Helical Gear Flow Meters, and Turbine Meters in Germany. www.kem-kueppers.com

About Litre Meter

Rotary Piston Flow Meters dedicated to the challenging chemical injection industry in the United Kingdom. www.litremeter.com

Thermal Mass Flow Meters, Thermal Mass Flow Controllers, and Variable Area Flow Meters in Switzerland. https://www.voegtlin.com 

About Signal-Fire

Wireless Remote Sensing Systems with Unique Two-Way Mesh Technolgoy in the United States. www.signal-fire.com